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Approve more transactions

Our payment technology is designed to improve efficiency, we’ve automated manual time consuming processes to make your life a little bit easier.



Deep data and effective routing so you can accept more payments.


Flexible integration

Integrate via API, hosted solutions or our mobile SDKs.



We automate every step of the payments ecosystem.

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All your payments and banking in one place

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Take payments

We enable businesses to securely process card payments, digital wallets and Faster Payments via web, mobile and virtual terminal with improved conversions and automation.

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Make payments

Funds can be disbursed instantly via our intuitive platform or API to people using the Faster Payments network.

handshake About Us

Empowering our customers at every stage of the payment journey.

We have built a single, one-stop-shop platform for all payments needs, delivered with a consultative approach. Find out more about how we provide a best in class service with a view to resolving complex payment challenges.

payment devices

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Make payments more convenient and maximise revenue opportunities thanks to our integrations.

card payment

Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick, simple way to pay for millions of users. Multiple layers of security help prevent unauthorised purchases, and with no maximum transaction limit, customers can pay using their preferred payment methods using Acquired’s Google Pay integration.

digital wallet

Apple Pay

Apple Pay securely stores users’ payment information on their devices and uses biometric authentication to confirm their identity.’s Apple Pay integration gives you easy access to the Apple Pay platform, transforming the way you collect payments.

online store

WooCommerce Integration

Our WooCommerce extension allows you to process payment cards and mobile wallets directly on your e-commerce site. This simple integration improves your cart conversion rate while providing a streamlined customer experience.

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cloud linked to other devices Optimisation

Multi-Acquiring Payment Solution

At we work with a number of different acquiring partners, ensuring optimised and uninterrupted payment processing for our customers.

Greater opportunity for better rates and fees to be negotiated, which can result in significant savings over time.

Achieve higher conversion rates through smart transaction routing and benefit from more flexibility in types of payment.

Ensure transaction processing continuity in the event of acquirer service disruption or business failure.

Pay by bank lending

mobile banking Pay by Bank

Account-to-Account Payments

Our Pay by Bank solution provides efficient, transparent, and secure account-to-account payments which empower customers and streamline costs. This solution can be used in combination with traditional card payments, providing more options for your customers.



Using our hosted product or your own user interface, your customers can authenticate and approve payments through their bank without having to enter card details or enter further credentials.

lower costs

Lower Costs

Without interchange fees or scheme fees our open banking solution could save you up to 85% compared to the cost of processing card payments.

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icon Banking Services

Simple & secure digital banking

Using the user interface or via API you can process payments and move funds within the same platform.


Pay in and pay out

Send and receive funds via the Faster Payments network.


Unified banking platform

A single platform for card processing and banking services.


Banking unlimited

Create multiple bank accounts in seconds.


Our growth maximising features

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    Unified platform

    All processing and banking activity is easily accessible on a single screen, through a single integration.

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    Consultative approach

    Speak directly to our team of payments experts. Our management team alone has over a century of payments experience.

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    Granular reporting

    We provide a full suite of reports using our deep data approach.

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    Superior reconciliation

    See exactly what will hit your bank account, all on one screen.

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    Risk management

    Gain peace-of-mind through our automated risk management tools and EMV 3DS integration.

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What our partners say

Our customers and partners are at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields, and need payment solutions that can support their vision and help realise their ambitious growth goals. Discover how we can work together.

“Railsr and Acquired have been trusted partners for almost 2 years supporting clients across Europe and in an array of sectors. The level of shared collaboration, knowledge and professionalism across the organisations is delivering significant value and growth for our mutual clients. Acquired have demonstrated time and time again that they always put the customer first and offer a consultative service to ensure needs are at least met and regularly exceeded.”

Louisa Murray - Railsr

“We knew that Acquired would be the right fit for us because of their focus on customer support and communication which is second-to-none in the payment processing space. We have really benefited from their dedicated integration team and account management through the onboarding process. Choosing a partner with multi-acquirer connectivity was a must, as we have ambitious global growth plans. ”

Irakli Menabde - Verto

“We chose to work with Acquired because they have an in-depth knowledge of our industry, an intelligent gateway and innovative reporting functions - they are providing solutions that are vital in the ever-changing payments world. Acquired are agile, fast thinking and like us put the customer at the heart of everything they do. We know they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure they deliver for the merchant and their exceptional customer service is on display every time we work together.”

Jason Costello - Acceptcards

“The key components we looked for in a payment solution were accurate and timely data and reporting, a consultative approach, proactive account management, affordability, security, reliability, and instant notifications. Acquired delivers on all these requirements, they provide the full package of great service, data quality, speed and cost.”

Thomas Eyre - LOQBOX

“’s expertise and knowledge of the payment sector has been so useful as we look to further refine our payment strategy and offer new payment methods to our supporters. Building a more automated and connected payment landscape for Rangers will allow us to stay at the forefront of great supporter experiences as we continue to compete at the highest levels of the game.”

Financial Director - Rangers Football Club
Acquired consultative approach

handshake Working with

What Makes Us Different?

At Acquired, our customer experience comes first. We have a wealth of experience within our team, with key team members having upwards of 10 years of experience in the payments sphere. When you contact us, you’ll be put in contact with a real person straight away. Acquired’s team is made up of sector specialists who exclusively serve clients within their sector of expertise.

We’re an independent payments processing company, which means that our focus will always be on the quality of our products and our services. We’re committed to building a payments and banking platform that is agile, reactive and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Acquired Platform FP

As well as offering a user-led, streamlined payments gateway for our customers, we pride ourselves on the data-driven Acquired platform. This platform provides real time gateway transactions and exportable reports but in our goal to provide an all in one payments solution we have gone much further. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach providing best in class service with a view to resolving our clients payment challenges, and provide regular reporting and transaction analysis to your business in order to help optimise your payment processing and improve your authorisation rates where possible.

We pride ourselves on the scalability of our offering. We work across a wide range of different industries and sectors. Businesses in the growth stage, organisations focusing on expansion and businesses at maturity all trust Acquired with their payments and banking needs.

Payment Processing with

Acquired’s solutions are custom built to overcome the challenges faced when collecting funds and our customers can accept payments via web, mobile and virtual terminal.

contactless open banking

Apple and Google Pay integrations

Our payment gateway supports payments via both Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as enabling WooCommerce businesses to process card payments. We also accept all major credit and debit card providers. By offering multiple payment methods, you can see increased conversions and offer a simpler experience for your users.


Fully certified and compliant

Our payment technology is PSD2 SCA and PCI DSS compliant. Acquired is also a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP), and an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent.


Automation to make your life easier

Our payment technology helps businesses automate their processes and improve efficiency through services like automated dispute management, transaction event alerts, response codes for declined payments, and our Account Updater solution, to ensure recurring payments always run smoothly.

Lending and Consumer Finance software

Acquirer Agnostic work with a number of acquirers and can compile a single view of your business transaction activity. On a daily basis, we pull data from our acquiring partners and make it available to our customers in a single, easy to use format. This means you can see on our platform exactly what is due to be settled to your bank account, eliminating any time-consuming manual reconciliation.

Banking Services with’s banking services allow our customers to take advantage of a fully integrated payment and banking infrastructure. We are authorised and registered with the FCA as an EMD Agent and have built a corporate banking and funds disbursements capability in partnership with our financial services customers.

Acquired customers are able to move money quickly and at lower cost than with traditional high-street or online banks. Simplifying the process of moving money between accounts allows you and your business to improve liquidity, enhance efficiency when it comes to both operations and wider business functions, and build a more seamless experience for your user base.


Payment Disbursement

Our industry-standard payments and disbursements use the same UK Faster Payment technologies as all major banks. Using Faster Payments, Acquired processes your payments almost instantly in many cases. Our banking platform also keeps you updated with real-time notifications throughout the process.

Lending and Consumer Finance software

Build your own Banking Experience

Our banking platform is driven by API - which means it’s almost infinitely flexible to the needs of your team, your business and your customers. Using API-driven software, we’re able to offer a truly bespoke, consultative approach to online banking services for our clients.


Open bank accounts in seconds

Transactions with Acquired’s banking services allow you to receive real-time updates for any payment, or even every payment, should you choose to! Instant transfers between accounts also make the process of managing your organisation’s finances a breeze.


Scalable Solution

Our cloud-based infrastructure gives organisations access to a scalable and flexible model for processing and storing data. We offer a variety of services to meet your business's unique needs, all backed by a customer service team dedicated to ensuring your cloud-based data is safe, secure, and can be accessed when you need it.